What is the difference between hydration and moisturization?

  • When you moisturize your skin, you apply something to your skin that that locks in moisture.
  • Dry skin and flaky skin are signs that your skin barrier is not locking in or trapping enough moisture on it.
  • Moisturizers are great for this because they keep your skin looking and feeling plum and supple.¬†
  • Hydration is different from moisturization. Both deal with dry skin in different ways.
  • For example, skin that feels dull is a sign of dehydration.
  • This is the same for fine lines that turn into wrinkles that become noticeable.¬†
  • Hydrators are perfect for these type of scenarios- they get moisture to your skin and that moisture rehydrates and, it if is a good hydrator, nourishes your skin.¬†

How to properly hydrate and moisturize your body?

  • Note that we used the word body and not just skin.
  • This is because the best way to hydrate the body (and skin) is to drink more water.
  • Again, in order to properly or fully hydrate the body you need to drink a lot of water.
  • It makes sense because the human body is made up mostly of water.
  • Once the body is properly hydrated on the inside, it becomes easier to hydrate and moisturize the outside of the body or skin and hair.¬†
  • Water hydrates¬†your skin from the inside.
  • It also helps with moisturizing your skin.
  • For treating your skin on the outside there are powerful products that can keep your skin at the proper moisture level- one that is balanced.
  • Start your journey to balanced skin that is properly hydrated and moisturized by drinking enough water daily and applying our day cream, or day oil to your face daily along with our body butter and or moisturizing cream for your body.¬†
  • Our natural¬†ingredients bind water to your skin to create a hydrated barrier of moisture that lasts the whole day and longer.