The proper way to open your skin pores is to use heat. Here is why:

  • To open skin pores, you need to use heat.
  • Heat (steam) makes skin pores expand (open up) in heat.
  • It is easier to extract debris, dead skin, and excess oil from open skin pores.
  • Use face steaming devices and traditional techniques to open up your skin pores.
  • Skin pores are not like other human openings such as the eyes that can be opened and closed with muscles.
  • When skin pores are opened with heat the debris in the pores is loosened and easier to remove.
  • This regimen (steaming and then applying our facial skin serum) takes full advantage of what heat does to human skin pores.
  • Our skin serums, oils, and creams penetrate facial skin more effectively when they are applied after a facial steaming.