Beard Butter

Beard Butter

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Your beard deserves the best natural ingredients to help it grow and glow at its full potential. That is exactly what our beard butter does...and more! It will also smooth and fix the skin beneath your beard and on your face. It can also be used for tattoos and skin in general.
  • Perfect for beards and mustaches.
  • Fills patches of hair on the face.
  • Softens hair (a lot of women use it for hair softening).
  • Regrows hair.
  • Effective natural ingredients grow¬†your beard to where you want it to be and more!
  • Works for all hair textures.¬†

Directions (How to use):

To get the best results, remain consistent- use the product everyday.

Dip your index finger into the cream and then scoop some the cream onto your fingertip.

Rub the cream between your palm and fingers until the product feels warm and supple.

Apply the cream to your beard.

Brush, comb, and or otherwise style your beard into its desired shape.

Sizes: 2 Ounces and 8 Ounces.