Lip Balm

Lip Balm

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Experience the best natural lip balm in the world! No chemicals or preservatives. This secret ancient formula has been used for years to soften, moisturize, and hydrate lips. It is great on all parts of your skin as well. Store in a cool place because it is not loaded with hardening agents like beeswax. It naturally melts on your skin when applied. This is another of our best sellers.
    • All natural is the way to go with anything that goes on your lips.
    • Our lip balm protects your lips from chapping, drying out, and losing moisture.
    • No chemicals, and it works as a sun blocker that hydrates the skin cells of your lips.
    • Works as a sun blocker that protects the skin cells of your lips.
    • Great for tattoos- new and old. 

    Directions (How to use):

    Open lip balm and turn the knob at the bottom till there is a layer of lip balm above the container. 

    Apply lip balm to your lips.

    Enjoy the effects and benefits of a high quality lip balm.