Pain Rub

Pain Rub

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You deserve a natural muscle tissue pain reliever that works well. Our pain rub does just that and more. It sinks deep into your deep tissue and then provide relief for aches and pains there. Works great on sore muscles, arthritic joints, and painful body parts. This is a must have for your household. Effective, healthy and chemical free. It also has benefits for your skin from the base butters used in its formula.
  • Quick pain relief when applied to your skin.
  • This is the best pain rub for deep tissue relief. 
  • The ancient formula consists of natural ingredients.
  • Enjoy soothing deep tissue relief that is chemical free.

Directions (how to use):

Dip your finger into the pain rub container.

Rub the pain rub between your fingers until the product coats your finger.

Massage the pain rub onto the part(s) of your body that are experiencing pain.

Do not apply to open wounds or open flesh (flesh that is missing skin like eyes and or cuts on the skin).