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We all deserve the best tooth and gum care available. Our vegan and fluoride free toothpaste truly whitens teeth and deep cleans the parts of your mouth that need the most cleaning- tongue, gums, and teeth. Take advantage of the power of herbs and essential oils.
  • Our vegan, fluoride free toothpaste is a must!
  • Whiten your teeth with natural, healthy ingredients.
  • Get rid of halitosis (bad breathe) and other mouth issues.
  • If used consistently some of the results are a¬†brighter set of teeth and healthier gums.¬†

Directions (How to use):

Use the toothpaste daily for best results.

Apply a good amount of toothpaste to your brush.

Brush your teeth, tongue, and gums thoroughly.

Rinse out your mouth with a generous amount of water.